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2010 was particularly dry and relatively hot- climate data characteristics of great Bordeaux vintages (1929, 1945, 1947,1959,1961,1989, and 2009).
From Spring to Fall, this climate imposed itself, allowing the berries to grow and reach perfect maturity. We thus waited to grape harvest with confidence and serenity, always benefitting from the homogenous single block vineyard of great quality.
Perfect maturity and tannins of the grapes, brought a balance between power and elegance, abundance and finesse. The tannins are silky and smooth with complex aromas, all qualities of a great Montrose wine.

Château Montrose, Dame de Montrose 2010

  • Blending

    • Cabernet-Sauvignon: 64 %
    • Merlot: 36 %

    Tasting notes
    Dense black color, with violet highlights.
    Complex nose with notes of morello cherry, raspberry, dark tobacco, Havana, and a touch of vanilla
    Net attack in the mouth. Mid-mouth fresh and ample. Long finish on neat tannins. Great homogeneity in the tasting with recurring notes of raspberry, vanilla and mocha. Discreetly wooded.

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